Friday, July 30, 2021

Cruise Update: Workshops!

We’ve had some additions to our Castaway Crew and we are excited to have you join our group of “Seasoned Sailors” aboard the Brilliance of the Seas!

Workshop Information!

This year, because of Covid, things may be a little different while onboard as far as social distancing, and capacities for the conference room.We may have more information as we get closer to sailing, but for now here’s the plan:

Contact us individually to let us know what you would like to work on aboard the ship for workshops, private lessons, or small group instruction!  Please include your playing level so that we can plan accordingly.

Bing Futch -
Mountain Dulcimer, Native American Flute

Pennywhistle, Steel Drum

Sharrie George -

Workshops will be pay as you go and can be arranged between you and the instructor.
We enjoy being with all of you, so you’ll have to let us know what we can give you as far as instruction - or if you’re just happy to jam, play, and cruise, we're good with that too! 

NO FEES for jamming, on shore “group adventures”, flash mobs, castaway parties, poolside gatherings and onboard activities that we attend as a group. 

We have a conference room aboard ship for jams, workshops private lessons, and small group workshops.
At dinner on the first night, you will receive a schedule of the next day’s events; including any workshops, jams, and onboard activities that we’ll be doing as a group. 
Each night at dinner, we’ll give you the next day’s “Adventure Schedule”! (If you don’t dine with us, no worries; we’ll have the schedule at the jam or next event)

We’ll have more information about the cruise as the dates get closer, but if you have questions, call, txt or email Sharrie and we’ll get answers for you!

Workshop Titles and General Itinerary

Here's your first look at the workshop offerings from all four instructors!  Workshops will be scheduled mainly at sea, with jams and fl...