Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Deadline For Cruise Payments is December 3rd!

Hi Cruisers!

Some new information for you!  We have put together some of the workshops that will be offered aboard ship; They are listed below by instrument.  We will be adding other workshops, jams, "flashmobs" and fun events we hope you'll join aboard ship, but scroll down to see some of the classes we will be offering!

If you are interested in a Jumbie Jam steel drum workshop, contact Sharrie at sharrie@islandguymusic.com.  Guy will be available to do a few workshops for this if you are interested.  We would also like to hear from you if you are interested in any Native American Flute or Absolute Beginner Workshops for any instrument.  

Our final payment for the cruise is due on or before December 3rd, 2019 - you should get a reminder from Royal Caribbean, but mark your calendar to call and make payment before that date!  Call 800-465-3595,  Hit option 4, and tell them Group # 1499734, Castaway Music Cruise.  They can look up your reservation by your name or Booking ID. 

You can also get flights thru Royal Caribbean by calling the number above, as well as transfers to the ship from the airport.  They will work with you to see what fits best for your travel. 

Let us know if there is something else you are looking for in Workshops!  Contact Sharrie at sharrie@islandguymusic.com and we'll make sure the right instructor gets your requests!  

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!  Stay healthy, happy, and keep playing!

Guy, Sharrie, Bing & Jae 

Basically, The Basics - Mountain Dulcimers
No matter what your skill level, it’s always good to reinforce the fundamental skills that we use to play really good mountain dulcimer.  Consider this a low-key boot camp that covers rhythms, scales and chords with various tricks and tips to get the most out of them.  We’ll put all of that together in a tune and throw in some fancy-fingers stuff along the way! (All Skill Levels)

Singing & Strumming - Mountain Dulcimers
If you’ve ever wanted to sing and play your dulcimer at the same time, this is the workshop for you!  We’ll take fun tunes like “Margaritaville”, “Brown-Eyed Girl” and “Jamaica Farewell”, then we’ll learn the basics of accompanying yourself on the dulcimer while you sing! (All Skill Levels)
Big City Blues - Mountain Dulcimers
Continued from our Florida Gulf Coast Dulcimer Retreat, we’ll see that blues music migrated to various parts of the states, including Chicago and Detroit.  In this brand-new workshop, Bing will be teaching a more funky type of blues that uses serpentine bass lines, jazzed-up chords and syncopated rhythms to drive home the fiery approach of legends like B.B. King, Buddy Guy and Keb Mo. (Intermediate)
Beginning Pennywhistle
Take it from the top! Learn this fun and easy to carry instrument in an hour and be playing in 2 keys! Refresh your skills if it’s been a while or if you just want to warm up for the cruise! A “D” whistle is needed for this class - NOTIFY me in advance if you need one on the ship!
Pennywhistle - All levels - Easy Chromatics in Songs - Expand your playing by adding some chromatic notes and learn easier ways to play them. We’ll learn a few tunes and find the chromatics with you! We’ll have melody and harmony for each tune as well. 
Pennywhistle - All Levels - Celtic Repertoire - Learn some new Irish, Scottish, and other Celtic tunes with parts for all.  Learn some of the best style of tunes for the pennywhistle!

Pennywhistle - All levels - Duets - Team up with another player and learn how to play some great tunes for two! We’ll trade off playing with each other, see how to work with another player and how to “listen”. These tunes can be played with other instruments on the 2nd part.  Guy will explain!
All Levels Ukulele Refresh!  For anyone wanting to “refresh” your memory and get up to speed on your Uke for the cruise! We’ll cover the basics, learn a few tunes, and have fun! New tunes too for those of you who are brushing up! For more advanced players, we'll have tunes tabbed out and we'll ask you to play melody & harmony as well!
Ukulele All levels— Essential Chords and Strums - Learn, review, and master some of our “necessary” chords and strums. Too often we try to learn “songs”, but don’t focus on the rhythm and how they actually sound when we play. Gain confidence to really ‘play out” even if you’re just strumming chords! Make each tune sound different and great! We’ll learn some fun tunes while we focus on really sounding good!
Ukulele - All Levels - Uke Melodies and Pickings 
Learn where your notes are, how to read tablature, how to play a single line melody. We’ll learn a few tunes with melody and at least one harmony for all. Music will be tabbed for high and low G tunings. Time permitting, we'll learn some easy finger-picking patterns to take home with you, as well as tunes to play using these patterns.  Music will be tabbed for high and low G tunings.

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