Monday, October 9, 2023

Guy George's Workshops

 Guy George's Workshops

*Beginning Pennywhistle

Take it from the top! Learn this fun and easy-to-carry instrument and be playing in 2 keys! Refresh your skills if it’s been a while or if you just want to warm up for the cruise! A “D” whistle is needed for this class - NOTIFY me in advance if you need one on the ship!

1. Beginning/Warm-up on Steel Drum with Jimmy Buffett!Uke Chord & Strum Practice in D & G

Get All the basics on Jumbie Jam Steel Drum as we focus on the sounds of Buffett and the islands! We’ll team up with Ukuleles ***(And Mountain Dulcimers) who want to practice strums and chords in D & G.  All Levels welcome!
2. Jimmy Buffett on Pennywhistle! Intermediate Level

Learn some of the melodies of Jimmy Buffett’s music - perfect for cruising on the open seas! We’ll include melody, harmony, and some added parts for each tune, so we can practice later with the Castaway Music Crew! Tablature will be provided with each tune.
3. Easy Chords to add for Back-up or Improv on Pennywhistle - Intermediate Level

Learn some more challenging tunes on the penny whistle as we fill in with chords and embellishments. All will be explained and written out so you can apply this to other tunes. Tablature will be provided with each tune.
4. Pennywhistle and Steel Drum - Tunes, Licks and Tricks! 

Learn some new tunes switching from Lead to Back-up and gain confidence playing in a group! We’ll trade off and use our chord and improv technique to find more fun in the music! Ukes (and Mountain Dulcimers)are welcome to join and help with backup and rhythm!

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