Monday, October 9, 2023

Sharrie George's Workshops

Sharrie George's Workshops

Beginning Ukulele -- EXTRA Workshop for Beginners! - For those who have never played a Uke before - We’ll cover all the basics, learn a few tunes, have fun, and be ready for workshops ahead!

1. Ukulele All levels— Essential Chords and Strums 

Learn, review, and master some of our “necessary” chords and strums. Too often we try to learn “songs”, but don’t focus on the rhythm and how they actually sound when we play. Gain confidence to really ‘play out” even if you’re just strumming chords! Make each tune sound different and great! We’ll learn some fun tunes while we focus on really sounding good!
2. Ukulele - All Levels - Uke Melodies, Licks, Picking, &Tricks

Learn where your notes are, how to read tablature, how to play a single-line melody. When strumming, it's always fun to be able to embellish the melody as we play back up.  We’ll learn a few easy melodic “licks” to add when strumming at the end of a phrase. We’ll start working on melody and parts for some tunes to play around the ship and at home after the cruise! 
3. Ukulele Finger-picking Magic

Find the musical magic in picking single and 2 note patterns using all 4 strings on the ukulele as back-up for tunes. We’ll work on some easy finger-picking patterns to take home with you, and practice the patterns on some beautiful tunes. A great way to add to a different way of playing back-up. Works great on high or low G-tuned Ukuleles.
4. Buffett Melodies & Musings on Ukulele

Grab some island tunes of Jimmy Buffett and add them to your repertoire! We’ll learn some melodies, harmonies and back up for a few of his greatest hits - Volcano, This Land Is Your Land Buffett Style, and some newer tunes; Like My Dog, Bubbles Up, and more! 

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